"Best European Brandy 2018"


1893-1957. Founder of Lucien Bernard & Compagnie: distiller, maturer and merchant of pure wine brandy in Bordeaux. With more than 200 different types of grape spirits and 35 million liters currently aging, the Lucien Bernard company designs custom brandies sold around the world.

The brandy

Brandy is a distilled wine spirit that has aged for at least six months in small oak barrels or 12 months in larger casks.
The Lucien Bernard brandy is a selection of wine spirits from every continent, combining traditional aging, unique blends, and an unparalleled range.

The Special Reserve
- 1928-2018 -

The Bernard family chose the 90th anniversary of Lucien Bernard & Cie to release XO N°1 cuvée as a limited edition: only 5,864 numbered bottles were produced. This pure wine brandy is a marriage of terroirs, grape varieties, distillation and aging methods: the quintessence of our know-how.

An Award

With 96 points out of 100, the Brandy Lucien Bernard X0 N°1 received the “Chairman Trophy” the highest distinction, at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2018 of F. Paul Pacult in New York.

Awarded “Best European Brandy”

Lucien Bernard XO brandy is produced in Bordeaux
Lucien Bernard & Cie
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